As of 1 November 2017 UK enforcement authorities will be entitled to impose fines for taking regular weekly rest periods (45 hours) in the vehicle cab. The maximum penalty for a driver has been established at GBP 300.

In countries such as Belgium, France or Germany, this infringement is inspected regardless of where the vehicle stops. The British will impose penalties first of all in cases where the driver takes the regular weekly rest period in the cab of the vehicle next to public roads (e.g. in road bays) with no infrastructure, i.e. toilets, showers or catering facilities. This is a result of objections by residents of areas adjacent to parking places without infrastructure, who have complained about noise, litter and antisocial behaviour.

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What is more, in Kent county local authorities have gone a step further and since 30 October 2017 they have banned truck parking between 8:00 pm and 7:00 am. This restriction applies not only to rest periods of more than 45 hours then, but to any night stops.  Information in the form of a brochure translated into 18 languages is being placed by the local police by the windscreen of parked trucks. Trucks that do not comply with the ban will be clamped, and it will cost £250 to remove the clamp.

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