For over 20 years, we have been providing digital TSL solutions in scope of global vehicle positioning and driving time analysis and settlement software to SMEs and leaders on the transport market.

By ensuring an extensive range of products in scope of our one stop shop strategy, we have become a business partner to 10 thousand transport and logistics businesses. We also offer an extensive range of integrated tech solutions with particular consideration of Work Time Management for foreign markets, including Tachoscan Web as Saas. We are also the first choice of European controlling authorities as we provide international road transport controlling instruments to 42 inspectorates in 23 countries.


Transport companies use our software for settlement and analysis of drivers' working time.

Telematics and monitoring

GBOXes used by transport


We are a stable company of strong foundations. We provide employment for 486 people. 

Our brands

WE WORK FOR THE BEST The results of our work are used by leaders in the transport industry and inspection authorities in several EU countries – see our references

A Polish business

We have 19 years of experience, employ 486 people, and are present on 23 EU markets where we have over 10 000 Clients.

We do business with the best

The results of our efforts are provided to leaders in the transport industry and controlling authorities in numerous European Union countries – see our references.


We have been continuously evolving since 2002. At present time, following the separation of OCRK, Inelo’s structure is based on the following four pillars: Sales, Programming/IT, Services, and Administration.


  • Establishment of PC NET SERVICE
  • Launch of consulting in scope of driving time analysis
  • The Road Transport Inspectorate receives the initial versions of TachoScan
  • Establishment of the OCRK – driving settlement time – brand
  • Won tender for the Road Transport Inspectorate
  • Won tender for BAG


  • Introduction of a new Tachoreader Combo device for downloading data from tachographs
  • Debut of the GBox global positioning system
  • Won tender for the State Labour Inspectorate
  • Inelo joins CORTE


  • The company changes its name to Inelo


  • Implementation of advanced GBox ASSIST telematics for initial Clients
  • Inelo breaks 7000 sold TachoScan licenses


  • Establishment of cooperation with the University of Łódź
  • 32 inspectorates in 15 European countries are using INELO software
  • Acquisition of the Polish NUSS – provider of professional support to transport businesses in scope including driving time registration and analysis


  • Acquisition of Marcos BIS, the leading manufacturer of transport management software – TMS Nawigator
  • Inelo Group releases Easy TMS – a comprehensive shipping and transport process management system
  • INELO’s artificial intelligence development project is valued at PLN 7 million
  • Debut of Tachoscan WEB – SaaS for foreign transport companies
  • The Slovenian telematics business CVS Mobile joins Inelo Group
  • 42 inspectorates and controlling authorities in 23 European countries are using software manufactured by Inelo Group