Drivers' working time control and analysis software

TachoScan - By using latest versions of the software you can be certain that you work in accordance with the current applicable regulations. Analysis of the drivers' working time, regardless of whether carried out on the territory of the Republic of Poland or other countries, will be compliant with the current standards and statutory requirements. A new module, Foreign Salary, has been added to the software. This module allows, for example, to determine the types of transport sections where foreign wages (cross-trade and cabotage) are applicable and excluded sections (transit, bilateral transport and additional operations related to bilateral transport).

Why TachoScan ?

Downloading, archiving and easy data analysis enable simple creation of documentation required during inspection

Working with the best

The infringements algorithm used by over 48 law enforcement agencies in 23 European countries ensures that the infringement control is compliant with the latest legal regulations

Reports and analysis

Clear reports for the manager and the driver


Automatic search for periods that require the submission of activity

Foreign Salary

Ability to determine sections subject to foreign wages (cross-trade and cabotage) and excluded sections (transit, bilateral transport and additional operations related to bilateral transport)

TachoScan Module

The module is used for downloading, archiving and performing comprehensive analyses of data from charts, driver’s cards and digital tachographs.

Analysis of infringements

Drivers’ infringements are displayed in a clear form with the possibility of verification on daily, weekly, monthly charts and with the possibility of editing driver mistakes (e.g. selector errors). Verified infringements can be printed in a form that is clear for the driver and the person managing company. Each report can be saved in other formats, e.g. PDF. Detailed reports contain a description of each driver’s work week together with an indication of infringements. Algorithms of infringements are identical to those used in control software of the majority of inspection authorities throughout Europe. The algorithm is constantly updated whenever new regulations or guidelines appear.

The most frequently detected infringements:

  • Exceeding the uninterrupted driving time, exceeding the daily driving time and exceeding the driving time over one or two weeks
    • Reduction of the daily rest period along with automatic analysis of the crew day, rests taken in two parts and interrupted rest periods taken on the ferry or on the train
    • Shortening the weekly rest period together with automatic analysis of weekly regular and shortened rests over two weeks, verification of 6 or 12 24-hour periods between the rests and automatic verification of compensation for shortened weekly rests
    • Automatic verification of derogation 6c described in art. 8 of the AETR agreement regarding taking weekly rest periods when driving in a crew
    • No country code at the beginning and end of the driver’s daily work period (in accordance with Article 34, item 7, of Regulation 165/2014)


What TachoScan gives?

Dates of readings and deadlines

presents the dates of last readings from drivers’ cards or digital tachographs and recommended dates of next readings generated on the basis of program settings.

Readings history 

displays a list of files / readings that have been downloaded to the program. Readings that have an incorrect certificate or readings for which the number of days from the previous reading is greater than 28 days (for the driver card) or 90 days (for the tachograph) are be marked in red.

List of driver attestations  

is a statement of the no driving attestations that were issued for the driver over any period of time.

Driver’s infringements  

presents infringements to regulation 561/2006 (standards for driving and rest periods) and Directive 2002/15/EC. In this report, the software also presents infringements of not recording activities on the driver card (no periods of data on the driver card) and infringements of not entering the start or end country code. In addition to these infringements, the software also presents situations in which the card was inserted into the tachograph for an uninterrupted rest period of at least 45 hours.

Analysis of the risk of losing a good reputation  

presents the average number of very serious infringements, which is calculated on the basis of the Commission Regulation (EU) 2016/403 Annex II together with the list of drivers an the list of infringements committed.

Weekly check of driver’s work time  

is divided into several parts. The first part displays a list of driver infringements along with the level of the offense. The infringement level (MI, SI, VSI and MSI) is displayed in accordance with EU regulation 2016/40. In the next section, the report is divided into parts equivalent to subsequent weeks. Within each part, a weekly and two weeks driving time (for the current and the previous week) is displayed with comments on possible cases of exceeding the standards and driving time available in the next week. Below, information on weekly rest periods is displayed: the time the rest was taken and its duration, possible reduction and compensation, then the number of days between the previous and the current weekly rest period. Within a given week, for each day, the daily driving time control, the maximum rest time and the daily rest period taken by the selected driver are presented. In addition, comments on these times are entered, stating the compliance with Regulation (EEC) No. 561. The division into the day is done according to the provisions of the laws.

Foreign Salary Module

The Foreign Salary module is a response to changes related to the mobility package. By ensuring the possibility of introducing and importing loading and unloading operations, our software will be able to automatically determine the types of sections subject to foreign wages (cross-trade and cabotage) and excluded sections (transit, bilateral transport and additional operations related to bilateral transport). This will allow to calculate the amounts due for work in a specific country.



What Foreign Salary Module gives?

Importing loading and unloading operations data from xml and xls files
Manually adding foreign salary components 
Automatically importing foreign salary components  
Automatically importing foreign salary rates  
Capability to create foreign salary sections based on border crossing entries saved on the driver’s card  
Determining the transport type and paid sections based on loading and unloading  
Creating reports that will allow the customer to be prepared in case of an inspection

Determining sections for foreign salary calculations

The new module enables determining the sections for the calculation of foreign salary based on entries of country symbols in tachographs and on the driver cards, which will ensure the compliance of the foreign salary settled in the program with the settlement made by inspectors during inspection.

Creating new foreign salary components

Due to the obligation to calculate foreign salary for drivers with based on frequently changing collective agreements in other countries, the module enables independent creation of new components of foreign salary. The components base may also be updated on an ongoing basis thanks to the import of foreign pay rates and components, which will be prepared by INELO experts.

This is of great importance, in particular when individual Member States do not make the changes to the rates and components of drivers' salaries available with due advance.

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