Trainings for transport companies

We conduct professional, remote trainings in English for transport companies. We offer various types of trainings with a range of topics that will enrich the knowledge of those who are involved in the transport sector.

The trainings we offer are addressed to transport companies owners, logisticians, fleet managers, drivers and to all people associated with transport.


Our offer of trainings:

Minimum wage


Online training on the current issue of minimum wage settlement in Germany, France, Austria, Norway, Italy and the Netherlands.

The training covers discussing the obligations of transport companies related to the EU regulations on employee posting and the rules for calculating the minimum wage in each country. More details>>>

Drivers' working hours and tachograph operation principles

Training on the working time standards of drivers engaged in international road transport and tachograph operation principles. 

The purpose of the training is to broaden the knowledge of Regulation EC 561/2006 and Regulation 165/2014, which is essential in the daily work of the driver. This knowledge helps to understand the specifics of the driver's work and the related responsibilities of both the driver and the driver’s employer. The training provides knowledge about the origin of infringements, methods of dealing with exceeding the working time, calculating the remaining working time. The knowledge will allow to reduce the infringements which will minimize your company's costs as well as improve your and other road users’ safety. More details>>

Online implementation of Tachoscan and training on practical use of the software

Based on many years of our experience and being aware of how important professional deployment of new software is, we have developed TachoScan online deployment service supported by our specialists. The deployment includes both installations and training in using the software. More details>>>