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Inelo Group?

The Inelo Group brings together the OCRK, INELO and GBOX brands that offer solutions for transport companies. The combined industry leaders’ experience guarantees the highest quality of business process support solutions. The wide range of offered products ensures safety and meets even the most specific

WE ARE A POLISH COMPANY with 18 years of experience. 450 employees. We are present in 23 EU markets. We have over 10,000 customers.

Our assets:

WE WORK FOR THE BEST. The results of our work are used by leaders in the transport industry and inspection authorities in several EU countries (see our references)


  • We advise the European Commission,
  • We are a member of CORTE,
  • We participate in meetings of organizations such as TISPOL, ECR,
  • We train transport inspection bodies, police and other inspection authorities.

WHAT WE DO BRINGS RESULTS. We are a stable company of strong foundations. Over the 18 years of our operations, we have transformed from a small business into a large organization with many people employed and a turnover of several millions.

You can trust us

Award Gazela Biznesu means that the company still maintains a dynamic indicator of development, is appreciated by its Clients and respected by business partners.

TachoScan Control
Our solutions are something you can be sure of - they are used by 51 inspection authorities
from 25 EU countries.
TachoScan® Control is a special version of the award-winning TachoScan® software designed for
all inspection authorities checking transport companies to ensure proper settlement of working time
of drivers. TachoScan Control has so far been used by:
  • POLAND – Road Transport Inspection, National Labor Inspection, Border Guard,
  • Customs Chamber, Police
  • GERMANY – Road Transport Inspection, Police
  • UNITED KINGDOM – Police, DVA, DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency)
  • FRANCE – Road Transport Inspection
  • NETHERLANDS – Transport Inspection, Police, Work Inspection, Tax Office
  • CZECH REPUBLIC – Police, Czech Customs Chamber, Voivodship Office
  • ESTONIA – Police, Labor Inspection
  • ROMANIA – Road Transport Inspection and ARR
  • LITHUANIA – The Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration, Labor Inspection,
  • National Tax Inspection
  • LATVIA – Road Transport Inspection, Police, Transport Division of the city of Riga
  • SLOVAKIA – Police
  • LUXEMBOURG – Customs and Excise Duty Agency, Work and Mining Inspectorate
  • SLOVENIA – Police, Road Transport Inspection, Customs Chamber
  • MALTA – Road Transport Inspection
  • BELGIUM – The Police, Federal Public Service Mobility and Transport
  • UKRAINE – National Land Transport Safety Inspection of Ukraine (DSBT
  • UkrTransBezpeka)
  • SWITZERLAND – Police (Zürich)
  • MACEDONIA – Road Transport Inspection
  • DENMARK – Police
  • SWEDEN – Swedish Transport Agency
  • HUNGARY – Ministry for Innovation and Technology (Road Traffic Control
  • Department)
  • PORTUGAL – Mint and Security Printing Works
  • FINLAND – Police
  • MOROCCO – Ministry of Transport
  • ITALY – Police
Drivers work time analysis and control
The software of choice for driver working time analysis.
System TachoScan is used for downloading, archiving and comprehensive analysis of data from record sheets, driver cards and digital tachographs. By using latest versions of the software you can be certain that you work in accordance with the current applicable regulations. Analysis of the driver working time, regardless of whether carried out on the territory of the Republic of Poland or in Germany, will be compliant with the current standards and statutory requirements.
Why TachoScan?
  • Downloading, archiving and easy data analysis enable simple creation
    of documentation required during inspection
  • The infringements algorithm used by over 38 law enforcement agencies
    in 20 European countries ensures that the infringement control is compliant
    with the latest legal regulations
    • Clear reports for the manager and the driver
    • A utomatic search for periods that require the submission of activity
    • The possibility of calculating minimum wages in Germany,
    France, Italy, Austria, the Netherlands, Norway, including for collective agreements


  • Dates of readings and deadlines
  • Readings history
  • List of driver attestations
  • Driver’s infringements
  • Analysis of the risk of losing a good reputation
  • Weekly check of driver’s work time
Choose the best data retrieval device.
Inelo creates and delivers state-of-the-art equipment for data retrieval from both tachographs and driver cards.
We offer top class solutions for fast and intuitive data download from driver’s cards and digital tachographs.
Our devices are compatible with any digital tachographs available in the market and will work seamlessly with TachoScan – the latest software for trucking companies.
Select the best devices to read data from your tachographs and driver’s cards:
Device for downloading data from digital tachographs and driver cards (2 in 1).
Enables compliance with statutory requirements relating to downloading and
archiving of data. It enables reading new cards and smart tachographs.
Light and easy-to-use tool for downloading data which guarantees
fast and correct download from all digital tachographs available
on the market, to analyze and control infringements and potential
manipulations. It enables reading new cards and smart tachographs.

Inelo Group
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Transport companies use our
software for settlement and analysis of drivers' working time

Telematic and monitoring

GBOXes used by transport

Drivers’ work time analysis and settlement service

calculated drivers’ working time every month by OCRK


We are a stable company of strong foundations. We employ 450 people.

Discover our products

We develop software for settlement and analysis of driver working time as well as GPS satellite positioning system. We provide training and advisory services for transport companies.
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System used for downloading, archiving and comprehensive analysis of data from record sheets, driver cards and digital tachographs...

INELO is a manufacturer and supplier of professional devices for downloading tachograph data and reading driver cards.


Advanced telematics and GPS monitoring system enables fleet management and verification of the operation of vehicles and work of drivers using data provided by trucks-mounted tracking devices…


OCRK Expert - comprehensive service providing legal assistance to drivers and enterprises from outside the EU who render transport services in the EU. Customer Advisors will help drivers during the inspection, through an emergency call, and our Experts will write an appeal if the penalty is inadequate to the violation or if it was imposed contrary to applicable law…

What makes us stand out?

"We cannot recommend the program high enough. We find it simple to use, intuitive in its application of the regulations and the charts are readily understood by officers and the drivers themselves when we point out infringements to them, especially with the ability to deliver the reports in the drivers own language. The program is up to date and flexible to suit individual needs."

Cheshire Police ( Bielsko-Biała )

“The Tachoscan software is excellent and very user friendly, after two road checks I feel very confident in using the system, The software has considerably exceeded my original expectations, especially in regards to it being able to identify possible manipulations of the tachograph”

DVSA – Driver & Vehicle Standard Agency

“We gladly confirm that the GBOX Fleet Management System is fully compatible with the LKW Walter system.”


"We herewith confirm that INELO (the former PC NET SERVICE) company based at ul. Frycza Modrzewskiego 20, 43-300 Bielsko-Biała, Poland has continuously delivered since 2007 for our control service soft – and hardware for analysis of driver’s working and resting time according adequately to our contract requirements”

BAG – Bundesamt für Güterverkehr

"Last, but not least, the training our personnel received was excellenet and the subsequent support hasl always been to a high standard.Thank you for your excellent support and for having created such a high quality product that rises up to meet our highest expectations."

DVSA - British Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency

294 licences of TachoScan Control

Ministry for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition - France

450 licences of TachoScan Control

BAG - Bundesamtes für Güterverkehr - Germany

400 licences of TachoScan Control


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