The largest European countries have recognized the INELO software as the best solution for their enforcement authorities. In as many as 18 countries, including in Germany and the UK, drivers' working time is controlled using the Polish TachoScan Control software. Now France will join the group of the software users.
An annex was published in the French official journal introducing new rates for drivers transporting goods on the territory of France. The annex was published in the official journal on 18.09.2018, while the rates have been valid from 01.04.2018.
In 2017, the National Labour Inspectorate (PIP) inspected 502 transport companies using INELO's Tachoscan Control PIP software.
From the beginning of May, Italy joined the group of countries enforcing the ban on taking the 45-hour rest in the cabin of the vehicle.
We are looking forward to participating in the largest and most prestigious road transportation and logistics event staged in Britain - The 2018 Commercial Vehicle Show.
We hereby wish all the best on this Easter to all our dear Clients and Partners hoping our cooperation continues for many years to come.
The European Commission is working on systems to fight manipulation in transport
The President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, in the summary of 2017, presented a proposal to establish a European Labour Authority. The aim of the newly-created body would be to strengthen cooperation between labour market entities from individual countries and effective management of cross-border situations.
The beginning of 2018 brought changes in the minimum wage rates by 2.7% for drivers carrying goods in Austria. For example, for drivers of semi-trailer tractors, the basic rate was increased by EUR 0.25, from EUR 9.40 to EUR 9.65.
As of 24 January 2018, Luxembourg temporarily suspended the provisions on the minimum wage for employees posted in road transport of goods and passengers.