In December 2017, INELO experts, Michał Franczyk and Nikodem Bąk, conducted a training for Lithuanian Authorities - the State Tax Inspectorate (Valstybinė mokesčių inspekcija) and the State Road Transport Inspectorate (Valstybinė kelių transporto inspekcija).
The European Commission has estimated that changes in road transport can bring up to 1.4 billion euro savings per year in 2025-2035. The benefits will mainly result from the introduction of the eCall system, more precise control of driving time and reduction of illegal cabotage operations.
CJEU - penalties for taking regular weekly rest periods in the vehicle compliant with the european regulations
The operator of the system for submitting declarations of employees posted to France (SIPSI) referred to the information about the need to pay a fee of €40.
Merry Christmas and happy New Year!
The beginning of the new year will bring the following changes in the minimum wage rates.
On 5-6 December in Kiev, our experts - Piotr Żółty and Ivanna Byczkowska, conducted a two-day theoretical training together with practical workshops for inspectors representing regional branches of DSBT UkrTransBezpeka (State Service of Ukraine for Transport Safety).
INELO would like to inform of the launch of TachoReader Basic, a new device for data download from all tachographs available on the market and for further analysis of the data as well as control of infringements and potential manipulations.
As of 1 November 2017 UK enforcement authorities will be entitled to impose fines for taking regular weekly rest periods (45 hours) in the vehicle cab. The maximum penalty for a driver has been established at GBP 300.
Soon, thanks to the recommendation of the Polish ITD inspectorate, Inelo will provide 78 licences for the TachoScan Control software to the State Service of Ukraine for Transport Safety