Following the example of the Road Transport Inspection and the Police, another Slovenian institution –...
Based on the information published on the website of the Czech Labour Inspectorate -> link – employees...
According to information received from the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Luxembourg and the guidelines of the Luxembourg Ministry of Labour, we present the most important questions and answers regarding the posting of drivers to work in Luxembourg.
In Italy, amendments to Legislative Decree No. 136 of 17 July 2016, which sets out...
In the Netherlands, from 1 July 2017, new minimum wage rates were introduced. Previously, for drivers aged over 23 a rate of € 8.96 was used. The age for the highest rate was reduced to 22 and the rate is 9.04 euros from 1 July.
In a conversation with the INELO expert, inspectors of the German transport inspection BAG confirmed that the first checks of taking the regular weekly rests (45h) by the drivers in cabs are already being carried out.
At the end of June in Belgrade there was a meeting of the Board of the international confederation of CORTE (The Confederation of Organisations in Road Transport Enforcement) held.
An international symposium on the detection of tachograph manipulation was held in Brussels on 15-17 May. The initiator and organizer of the meeting was the Belgian police, and among the invited speakers - INELO was the sole representative of the private transport sector!
On 6 June this year, in Birmingham, UK, INELO Experts conducted a periodic training for the UK inspection authorities using TachoScan Control software.
On 31 May 2017 the European Commission presented the project of long-awaited transport sector changes.