In December 2017, INELO experts, Michał Franczyk and Nikodem Bąk, conducted a training for Lithuanian Authorities – the State Tax Inspectorate (Valstybinė mokesčių inspekcija) and the State Road Transport Inspectorate (Valstybinė kelių transporto inspekcija). The training of the Lithuanian Tax Inspectorate was a part of the TachoScan Control software license purchase. Thus, the Lithuanian Tax Inspectorate has become the 33rd European institution to carry out inspections using software created by INELO.

On 12-13 December 2017, INELO experts delivered a 2 day training for inspectors of the State Tax Inspectorate in Lithuania. The training was the consequence of the TachoScan Control software license purchase by the Lithuanian Tax Inspectorate.

The main purpose of the purchase was, among others, to be able to use the software to confirm international goods transport and related VAT refunds (comparing the compliance of documents presented by companies with data from the tachographs and driver cards). During the training, both in the theoretical part and during the workshops, the full range of possibilities offered by the TachoScan Control software was presented. The training formula, combining theoretical and practical elements, has been developed during trainings for many European Authorities and guarantees the maximum training effectiveness.

The State Tax Inspectorate in Lithuania is already the 33rd European Enforcement Authority that has decided to purchase and use TachoScan Control software.

The next stage of the INELO experts’ visit to Lithuania was the one-day periodic training for the State Road Transport Inspectorate.  The training was carried out on 14.12.2017. The training program included presentation of new features of version 4.0.3 as well as the principles of infringement analysis.

We would like to thank the training participants in Lithuania for their high attendance and active participation.