INELO would like to inform of the launch of TachoReader Basic, a new device for data download from all tachographs available on the market and for further analysis of the data as well as control of infringements and potential manipulations.

TachoReader Basic replaces the previous well known TachoReader Mobile II device.


Thanks to the cooperation with the authorities and customers, the INELO project team created a device with extended functionality, much faster and more user-friendly.

Why is TachoReader BASIC worth using? What new features do we offer with this new device?

  • reading from a driver card and tachograph at the same time

TachoReader BASIC enables downloading data from both the tachograph and the driver card inserted in the tachograph without the need to change the configuration.

  • setting and selecting one of three saved data download configurations at a touch of a button
  • downloading data from digital tachographs with the highest available speed

This smart device will automatically adjust the highest possible data download speed to the specific digital tachograph type

  • sound and light signalling of the selected configuration

The device offers the possibility to link a saved download configuration to a selected audio signal and the colour of LED. The signal will also make a sound at the completion of the download

  • additional functions only for enforcement authorities

downloading “S” files with detailed vehicle speed data for the last 168 hours of driving and a section at a speed of 4Hz

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