According to information received from the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Luxembourg and the guidelines of the Luxembourg Ministry of Labour, we present the most important questions and answers regarding the posting of drivers to work in Luxembourg.




1) Who is it applicable to?

The minimum wage provisions cover all types of transport except transit operations.

2) Is a representative required?

An external representative in the territory of Luxembourg is not required. The posted driver may act as a contact.

3) What documents in the vehicle are required?

On the vehicle, it is mandatory to have a Badge Social card, which can be printed after a worker is posted on a dedicated website.

The remaining documents (employment contract, etc.) must be uploaded to the registration platform.



4) What are the minimum wage rates? Rates for drivers under the collective agreement for transport (divided into categories of driving licenses and seniority) are presented the table below for the most important categories:


5) Posting of workers and storing documents

Drivers should be registered via the online system:

Key points:  

It is necessary to upload the required documents in German or French to the platform – A1 Certificate, Medical Certificate, Employment Contract, Residence Authorisation (for third-country nationals), Professional Qualification Certificate (for drivers from third countries – driver’s certificate), proofs of payment , payslips, time card’s details indicating the start, end and duration of daily work

each unloading / loading is reported on separate delegations, plus the details of contractors shall be specified

payment of wage should be made no later than by the last working day of the month following the month of the settlement.

6) Important links:

– Official website in English with general guidelines for posting workers: (there is no website dedicated for the transport sector)

–  Posting system: