A two-day training that took place in Dover was conducted by Michał Franczyk and Mateusz Włoch. It was the result of the changing regulations and the introduction of the new smart second generation tachographs to the European market. Since August 2023 the new tachographs are being installed in new trucks, and by 2025 they will have become the base equipment in all international transport vehicles.


Higher operation effectiveness

The introduction of new devices is intended to increase the effectiveness of the operations of the European inspection agencies, through the automatic border crossing recording within the EU with GNSS. This means that the vehicle position will be stored in the tachograph’s memory and it will be available to be read by the respective inspection agencies.

The training participants learned from our experts how, and with what features of the Tachoscan Control software, can the stages passed and the position of the truck be analyzed, so that any potential irregularities can be detected.

The training also facilitated the free exchange of experiences, which, combined with the new skill acquisition, is sure to increase the effectiveness of the custom inspectors in the UK.