In the latest available update of the Tachoscan 5.3.1 software, additional features were added to adapt the infringement analysis to different interpretations of various enforcement authorities regarding the regulations introduced by the mobility package. Due to the new requirements regarding the minimum wage during cabotage and combined transport in Denmark, the software was upgraded with the feature allowing calculation of the minimum required wage for drivers in this country. The calculation is based on principles similar to the ones used for other countries, already available in the software.

The most important changes:

  • The options related to the mobility package were grouped together
  • An option that allows not to require additional daily rest in the case of compensations for two shortened weekly rests in a row (mobility package) was added
  • An option was added whereby the availability for driving in the crew is treated as a break only in the case of full 45 minutes (mobility package)
  • A number of functions were introduced to enable calculating the minimum wage for drivers in Denmark, according to country's requirements
  • The Swedish language version of the program was introduced

We encourage you to read a more detailed description of the changes to TachoScan 5.3.1 on our website at: