The common classification of weights of infringements in scope of road transport is the next important step in the direction of consolidated and most importantly effective execution of international law in the European Union. It constitutes a common reference point for member states to adapt their national control and sanction systems, tighten administrative cooperation, and ensure equal treatment of drivers and entrepreneurs.

Therefore, article 19 section 1 of Regulation (EC) no. 561/2006 dictates that Member States shall inform the Commission of domestic provisions concerning the penalties applicable to infringements of this Regulation and Regulation (EU) no. 165/2014. It should be noted that domestic penalty systems may need to be adapted following adoption of the updated classification, which recognises new provisions introduced in scope of mobility package 1.

The European Union published excerpts from the tariff rates on its official website:

At this time, there is still no information from the following 5 member states: Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Malta, and Romania.

The current tariff rates are available only in English, but – pursuant to Regulation 561 – will be provided in all EU languages. The tariff rates are harmonised and similar to the table in Regulation 2016/403: 

It should be noted that certain countries provided direct links to laws (tariff rates) of the given country. However, the tables do not include all penalties, e.g. those concerning 45-hour rest periods in the vehicle’s cabin, which often concern carriers, but do provide information on other potential consequences, not only financial ones. There is also the fact that most countries still have not adopted the penalties in scope of the new infringements into their legal orders, e.g. the matter of organisation of the driver’s return to the home country every 4 weeks.

We will keep you informed of all changes as they occur.