In response to our Customers’ needs, we are introducing the latest version of Tachoscan 6.0.6 that features functionalities related to the entry into force of further mobility package regulations and the latest guidelines. The update introduces a completely new Foreign Salary Module that allows to calculate the remuneration required for delegated drivers according to the amendments of February 2022.

Key changes:

  • Introduction of the new Foreign Salary Module that enables to calculate the required remuneration according to the Regulation (EU) 2020/1057
    • Additionally, the ability to calculate working time records based on driver card and tachograph data together with the indication of required remuneration in the respective countries has been added


    • Introducing border crossings based on country records and GNSS driver card data
    • Functions that enable to automatically mark foreign route sections as delegated or non-delegated based on loading and unloading operations registered – according to the EC delegation clarification


    • Ability to download updated calculation rules and rates for EU countries from INELO servers
    • Creating custom components and adding custom rates for the individual countries
    • More information about the new module is available at:
  • Serious infringements classification has been updated according to the Regulation (EU) 2022/694
  • Added an infringement for failing to introduce the country symbol for where the border was crossed
  • Introduced changes into calculations concerning losing the carrier’s good repute according to the formula from the Regulation (EU) 2022/694
  • Adjustments of the settings to the EC clarification concerning drivers’ driving and rest time
  • Refreshed software layout


Please take a moment to review a detailed description of the changes introduced in Tachoscan 6.0.6 >>>