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We are the first to inform you about the latest news. On the 24th January 2014 the European Parliament and Council have agreed on the new regulation on new tachographs which may be a reach into companies’ wallets.

As the new European regulation requires, new tachographs have to have a satellite positioning function (GNSS) and an optional interface for Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS).
What else do new tachographs mean?

No more counting on luck and slipping through road inspections. From now on the inspection bodies will not even have to stop the vehicle to carry out an inspection. The new tachographs give the control authorities the ability to access the tachograph of every single vehicle remotely.
The aim of these changes is to increase road safety and to protect drivers from overworking.

Manipulation will no longer be so within reach as it was until now. New tachographs reduce the possibility of manipulation with the tachograph whether it is done by the drivers themselves or by the workshops that install and calibrate them.

Not all vehicles will have to be equipped in the new tachograph, though. Small enterprises for which driving is not the main occupation and which use their vehicles within 100 km from their enterprises will not have to use a tachograph. All other companies will have to utterly adapt to the new rules resulting from the new regulation.