In recent days updated content of Guidance Note no. 6 of the European Commission on registration of time spent on a ferry or train where the driver has access to a bunk or couchette:

1. It was stressed that the regular rest taken on the ferry with access to a bunk (11 or 3+9) must be included within 24 hours of the end of the previous rest period.

Tachoscan software analyzes the default the infringements in accordance with the described guidance note. It is worth checking if in the settings (Basic data -> Settings -> TachoScan -> Infringements – Analysis) the options are selected as below:


2. We also remind that the principle of the weekly rest period which cannot be interrupted by the entrance on or exit from the ferry still applies:
“The Derogation under Article 9 (1) does not apply to a weekly rest period, whether reduced or regular.”

3. The issue of rests in the crew during the 30-hour period was omitted. We contacted the European Commission concerning the issue and in the near future the guidance note is expected to be supplemented with this information.

Click here for a full text of the Guidance Note in English