One of the transport companies specializing in light transport (vehicles of 3.5 t GVW) approached OCRK expert, Jakub Ordon, for assistance regarding the penalty imposed by the German police. During the roadside check in September this year, on the A5 road in Germany, the police officers weighed the vehicle discovering its actual weight to be approx. 4700 kg, i.e. 34.28% more than allowed. At first glance, the case seemed to be of the “losers” category, that is the penalty imposed on the road could not be cancelled.

It was obvious that the Renault Master had a maximum load capacity of 1040 kg, and the transport document indicated a load weight of 1050 kg. During loading, the driver of the vehicle was assured that the weight of 10 pallets with a load by even 1 kg does not exceed the weight declared in the CMR. The excessive weight of the vehicle and load – 1,200 kg – was penalized severely with a fine of € 1,931.88 (over PLN 8,000).

Based on the information the OCRK expert had, he prepared an appropriate application to reduce the penalty due to the fact that the carrier was misinformed by the cargo sender. As a result of the expert intervention, the company was fined with a penalty 64% lower than assumed. Thanks to the intervention by OCRK expert Jakub Ordon, the German authority issued a decision correcting the amount to € 703.50, and the company saved over PLN 5,000.