An international symposium on the detection of tachograph manipulation was held in Brussels on 15-17 May. The initiator and organizer of the meeting was the Belgian police, and among the invited speakers – INELO was the sole representative of the private transport sector!

In 2014 the European Commission estimated that the tachograph manipulation scale has already reached 35%. The market is constantly developing more and more complicated types of fraud, forcing enforcement authorities to continually monitor the situation, exchange experience and cooperate internationally. The manifestation of such initiative was the Brussels conference which was attended by representatives of enforcement authorities from the United Kingdom, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Poland and the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

International experts also included INELO experts – Małgorzata Stocerz – Head of the Export Sales Department and Key Account Manager for Enforcement Authority Services, Member of the Board of the CORTE Confederation and Piotr Żółty – Expert for Enforcement Authority Services.

Małgorzata Stocerz spoke about the analysis of tachograph data in terms of detecting and preventing manipulation. In her speech, she highlighted the important role of professional software for enforcement authorities and talked about the huge potential of using the INELO TachoScan Control program.

During the three-day symposium there were also workshops for enforcement authorities during which an international group of experts discovered the advantages of using TachoScan Control.

“Through cooperation with European enforcement authorities we develop and present new solutions, and together, we contribute to improving safety on international roads and fighting unfair competition,”said Małgorzata Stocerz.