We are pleased to inform you that INELO has again taken part in the workshop: “Detection of Tachograph Manipulations”, attended by the representatives of the Police Departments from all German Lands  to share experiences with manipulations of the tachographs.

This year’s meeting was held in Oranienburg, Germany, on 5-7 November 2013.

On 7 November 2013, INELO representatives supported by BAG (German Road Transport Inspectorate) presented the TachoScan Control software, including its new graphic layout, to the participants of the meeting. It was the first presentation of the latest TachoScan Control version at which the audience could see the new features  that considerably facilitate and enhance the operation of this system for its users. It is noticeable that with every new version launched twice a year the TachoScan Control program becomes more and more advanced tool for the control authorities.

During the presentation, every participant had an opportunity to make themselves familiar with the capabilities of driver working time analysis in the TachoScan Control program and could observe advanced program features and ask questions.

Our TachoScan Control program receives very positive opinions from the users and is regarded as easy to operate and very well adapted to suit individual needs of the control authorities. This opinion is the result of our long-term work and close collaboration with the control authorities, such as the Police and  Road Transport Authorities in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and United Kingdom.
At present, our program is used by the following control authorities:

•    BAG – German Road Transport Inspectorate
•    ITD – Road Transport Inspectorate in Poland
•    UK Police (Manchester)
•    PIP – National Labour Inspectorate in Poland
•    Police in the Czech Republic
•    ISCTR – Romanian Transport Inspectorate
•    VKTI – Lithuanian Road Traffic Inspectorate
•    ATI – Latvian Motor Transport Inspectorate
•    Tööinspektsioon Estonian Road Traffic Inspectorate
•    Labour Inspectorates in Estonia and Lithuania
•    Border Guards in Poland
•    Customs Chambers in Poland


We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the German Police for inviting us again and for the excellent organisation of the workshop, and to BAG for support.