Estonian Police has chosen Inelo!We are glad to inform all our dear Clients about our latest success.

Amongst all  devices for download of tachograph data available on the market Estonian Police has chosen TachoReader Combo.

The already known and highly valued on Polish and foreign market TachoReader Combo device for downloading data from digital tachographs and driver’s card (2in1) has been enhanced with a unique on European scale High Speed function.

Time consuming downloading till now remained a problem, hence many control authorities or companies simply avoided downloading data or made it reluctantly. This problem has yet been solved by specialist of our company.

This High Speed function significantly reduces the time of downloading data from a tachograph thereby making everyday work more efficient. This is of particular importance for the carrier during roadside inspections. The control runs smoothly, the inspector spends much less time waiting to download the data, thereby it significantly reduces downtime caused by driver control.

It is also a great help for businesses where you need to download data from the tachograph while the driver must immediately set out on a route.

Beside the Estonian Police TachoReader Combo has also been appreciated by Polish control authorities as well as the Federal Office for Goods Transport (BAG), the State Road Transport Inspectorate (VKTI) of Lithuania or the State Inspectorate for Road Transport Control (ISCTR) of Romania and many more.

Clients’ appreciation and preferred choice of our products give us great satisfaction and for the Clients assurance of getting the best solutions on the European market.