One of the largest inspection authorities in Europe, the British Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), formerly VOSA, has chosen Inelo’s TachoScan Control software. DVSA is the road transport inspection authority in the UK, conducting checks in Scotland, Wales and England. Until 2014 it was known as the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA), and then it was replaced by the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). The authority employs 4,500 people and has existed since 2003 (until 2014 as VOSA).


The order consisted of 294 licenses, but already for now the authority is planning to purchase another 9 licenses.  TachoScan Control competed with a number of other software from all over Europe and underwent a series of tests, as a result of which has been recognized as the most professional tool for authorities checking working time of drivers.


As part of the software implementation new functionalities were introduced that allowed for full customization to the needs of DVSA. Additionally, the last part of the software implementation was a weekly training conducted by Inelo trainers in the UK, during which they trained 30 trainers who will transfer the knowledge about the software to the other inspectors. The training was conducted in two groups of 15 people and each group completed a two-day training. After completion of the training cycle Inelo has received very positive feedback that the program greatly speed up and facilitate the work of inspectors. In a short time, already on the first day of the training, during a roadside check the inspectors alone have detected tampering with TachoScan Control.


Now, after the licenses were delivered and the software was implemented, three authorities in the UK use TachoScan Control: DVSA (formerly VOSA), DVA and the Police.


We invite you to read the recommendations issued by the inspectors of DVSA who use TachoScan Control software in their every day work:

  •  “Game changing software”
  •  “It’s a massive step forward in being able to conduct a more in depth roadside analysis of drivers hours compliance. The new Tachoscan software works seamlessly and is packed full of functionality”
  • “The ability to view 2 drivers, VU and Speed data all on one screen…..  Quick and clear analysis of multiple drivers and vehicles displayed on reports in English and the driver’s language.  ………. wish list and more!  ………. it will help us to focus our skill set and time on the drivers and vehicles that pose a risk to road safety”
  • “The Tachoscan software is excellent and very user friendly, after two road checks I feel very confident in using the system, The software has considerably exceeded my original expectations, especially in regards to it being able to identify  possible manipulations of the tachograph”
  • “………..driver whose card only showed some previous infringements. Looking at the warnings, there was one for vehicle motion and one for activities in slot 2 both during the drivers daily rest period……. On the graph I went straight to the time of the warnings and hey presto, his card showed rest. A quick check of the speed trace showed that there were several movements each of less than 30 seconds over a 3 minute period hence it didn’t show as driving on his card. Copied the driving period to his card data which then showed an 8 hour 22 daily rest current infringement”
  • “I would not have found this infringement without Tachoscan”
  • „After the initial two days training I felt a little daunted by the many features and tools that the new analysis software had on offer, but after a few days of practice I am genuinely excited by what it has to offer our examiners and just how useful it will be for now and future use.”


We welcome any authorities interested in TachoScan Control software to contact us. We will be happy to present the advanced capabilities of our system at a meeting anywhere in Europe.

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