BAG – German Road Transport Inspectorate has chosen TachoReader COMBO among all devices for downloading data from tachographs and they have exchanged all PDA devices for our products. Lithuanian Road Transport Inspectorate VKTI did the same last year and together with purchasing annual TachoScan® program updates they replaced all PDA devices with TachoReader COMBO. We are proud that our devices receive recognition from Polish as well as foreign Control Authorities.

TachoReader COMBO user-friendly and reliable device. The function 2-in-1, which allows to download data both from digital tachographs and driver cards makes Road Transport Inspectorate’s work easier and more efficient. TachoReader COMBO allows also to fulfill the statutory obligations regarding downloading and archiving drivers’ working time data. What is more, it is compatible with all digital tachographs and drivers cards currently available on the market.