Below we present the most important changes related to posting of transport workers in the territory of Austria, applicable from 01.06.2017


  • From 1 June 2017, employee notification will be made on a new form which will be prepared specifically for transport companies (certificates issued to that date on “old form” will remain valid for the period for which they were issued).
    New certificates will differ from the existing ones, among others with the following elements: – they will be issued for a period of up to 6 months, – the clients will not have to be indicated, – it will be necessary to specify licence plate numbers of vehicles on which the transport will be carried out in the territory of Austria.

Detailed information will be available after the new form template is published.

  • The amount of documents to be kept in the cab is minimized. The following documents will be required: – contract of employment (translated into English or German), – A1 certificate, – records from devices registering the working time of drivers in accordance with Art. 36 of Regulation (EU) No. 165/2014 (driver card, record sheets), – certificate of posting.
    Other documents translated into German, confirming the calculation and payment of remuneration are to be sent to the Austrian authorities no later than by the 14th day of the month following the month of the inspection (these documents will not have to be kept in the vehicle).
  • It has been confirmed that a representative in Austria is not required if this function is performed by the driver.
    These changes are a consequence of the amendment of the Austrian Law on combating wage and social dumping in Austria, No. 44-LSD-BG, which comes into force as of 01.06.2017.