Polish Police will inspect road transport of goods and services even more efficiently – it has been equipped with 53 Tachoscan Control licenses.

This is not the first contact of the Police with our software – last year it was

chosen by the Warsaw Metropolitan Police. Now it has been a central procurement for more departments.

Police force training

As part of the signed contract, the first five-days training for several policemen groups conducted by Piotr Dajema, Implementation and Training Expert, has already been completed. However, it is not over – soon a new meeting will take place, so that users could take advantage of the software features, which were adjusted to the individual requirements stated in the contract.

Tachoscan Control – the first choice for inspection authorities

The extension of the cooperation with the Police confirms that Tachoscan Control software is highly valued on the market and provides the best tool for drivers’ working time analysis and tampering attempts detection.

It is a meaningful proof that we consistently remain the first choice for the European inspection authorities. The software and devices for drivers’ working time analysis and tampering attempts detection have been used by 45 control inspections in 25 countries, including ITD or BALM (previously BAG).