With 5000 active licenses used by 51 inspection authorities in 25 countries, who knows – perhaps while you’re reading this, TachoScan Control software is used to inspect one of your trucks on the road. This probability increases, since the Labor Inspection, soon followed by the Tax Office in the Netherlands, joined the constantly growing group of inspection authorities equipped with Inelo’s software.

Inelo software is used in everyday work by officers from countries constituting key destinations for the transport industry, such as Germany, France or Great Britain, but it is also used in many outlying countries, from Morocco through Finland, all the way to Ukraine. Currently, 5000 inspectors in 24 European countries, which covers more than 40% of the Old Continent, are able to inspect a driver or a transport company using the Inelo system.

For road safety

TachoScan Control is an essential tool that allows inspections to detect irregularities in the work of professional drivers, search for potential tachograph or driver card manipulations and thus increase traffic safety and reduce the number of accidents. TachoScan Control is also used, for example, to conduct inspections at companies hiring professional drivers. It also allows taking care of the drivers themselves and checking whether they are remunerated for all working hours recorded on the driver card.

Ongoing growth in solutions supporting the work of inspection authorities on foreign markets reflects the utmost trust placed in our software by inspection authorities and reinforces our leading position in this area. Inspectors stress that TachoScan Control is a user-friendly solution – transparent and intuitive, available in their native language, adjusted to their individual needs and manner of work, which allows them to inspect compliance with state and EU regulations. Inspectors often point out that using the same software as their colleagues from other countries helps them collaborate and quickly exchange data and information on an international level.

Beneficial for transport companies

The fact that Inelo provides commercial solutions and supports the work of inspection authorities is beneficial for all transport companies, since the TachoScan module allows them to verify violations in the same way as inspection authorities in 25 countries.