Swiss Police Information Technology Congress (SPIK) has just finished. This important annual event attracts hundreds of participants and shows how important IT solutions are for the police forces sector. This year, Inelo was one of the participants and could present its solutions. One of these is TachoScan Control, used by 51 inspections in 25 countries.

Inelo’s international sales team representatives at the event were Małgorzata Pander and Joerg Harmening (TACEMA), who conducted many interesting conversations with and presentations for various Swiss police corps.

Control optimization with TachoScan Control DSRC Module

What was particularly interesting for the police participants of the event was the DSRC solution allowing for efficient pre-selection. Today, with DSRC technology and TachoScan Control DSRC module, comprehensive data on a passing vehicle may be retrieved in less than a second, and 25 RTM parameters provided by smart tachographs allow to quickly identify whether the truck is suspicious and requires closer inspection. If so, the vehicle gets pulled over for control that includes retrieval of full tachograph data allowing to confirm or deny tampering. Importantly, among these 25 TRMs offered by our software there are 6 new RTM driving time parameters that have been implemented in the second version of the smart tachograph.

Key date for the services

Large interest in remote RTM metering with DSRC technology results not only from the approaching date of mandatory tachographs replacement, but also from acquisition of the devices by all inspections to be mandatory already since August 2024. Among the priorities for the newly deployed technology is improvement of road safety.

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