We inform that it is now possible to register drivers on the French SIPSI website: www.sipsi.travail.gouv.fr.
On the website of Italian Ministry of Labour and Social Policy info was published that, pursuant to Decree No. 136/23016 the delegated employees must be obligatorily reported.
Wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!
Minimum remuneration for worki in France - Find out more
One of the largest inspection authorities in Europe, the British Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), formerly VOSA, has chosen Inelo's TachoScan Control software.
The Slovenian Police and Road Transport Inspection chose TachoScan Control
We are very pleased to announce that Slovak Police decided to purchase TachoScan Control program.
We are proud that an Inelo representative, Małgorzata Stocerz, the Head of Export Sales Department and Key Account Manager for Control Authority Service was chosen a member of the Executive Board of CORTE.
Large penalties imposed by inspectors in France in the event of controls of drivers performing transport in multi-manning.