How to add a new driver?

In order to add a new driver:

  1. Upload a driver card reading
  2. The new driver will be automatically added with the status inactive
  3. In order to change the status to active, you need to have a free slot
  4. If you don’t have one, you can buy a new slot or replace the driver within the purchased slots.

I want to replace the driver within the purchased slots

In order to replace the driver within your slots:

  1. Wait until the end of the billing month
  2. Deactivate the chosen driver
  3. Change the status of the new driver to active. The new driver will be activated in the system from the next billing month
  4. If you want to activate the driver immediately, buy a new slot.

Why can’t I see all the driver’s activities in activities and infringements module?

The chart shows only the activities that meet the criteria selected in the filters or your subscription allows you to see activities only 3 months back.

Why can’t I see the data of all uploaded drivers/vehicles?

The data of drivers/vehicles are loaded automatically only when a given driver/vehicle has the active status in the drivers module.

What to do if there is a payment problem?

If there is a problem with the payment, please fill out the contact form. We will treat each case individually.

Deleting account

Deleting the account is possible only on Inelo Connect platform and it entails stopping and deactivating all the services that are active on the platform. If you want to cancel one service, deactivate the chosen account.