Inelo devices – TachoReader Combo Plus and TachoReader Basic driver card and tachograph readers – ensure full compliance with laws and requirements imposed by the European Commission, enabling full support of the newest cards and tachographs. Additionally, the TachoScan software provides new functionalities in relation to driver card data and G2V2 tachograph support.

Along with the new tachographs, new G2V2 cards with extended memory will also be issued for drivers, as the number of days subject to on-road inspection grows to 56 days starting from the next year.

This means that replacing and updating the devices is necessary in order to ensure that they are able to read and analyze the data from the new driver cards and tachographs.

Inelo devices support reading data from the following:

  • new G2V2 tachographs;
  • new sections on G2v2 cards concerning the records of loading and unloading operations, as well as automatic border crossing.

You already have the device? Check how you can update it.

Free Tachoreader Combo and Tachoreader Basic updates are available for devices covered by warranty or updated within the last 24 months with a paid update. You can check whether your devices qualify for the free update here >>>

I cannot update my device. What to do?

If your devices do not qualify for the free update due to technical reasons, use our online store or contact directly  our Sales Support >>>