For over two years, control authorities in the European Union countries have been using DSRC (Dedicated Short-Range Communication) devices provided by Inelo, which allow to remotely download the most important parameters from smart tachographs in trucks.

Currently, there are 47 Tachoscan Control DSRC modules already used in 12 European countries; they allow to quickly and effectively select for inspection those trucks that were reported to be tampered with. Using this technology means that inspectors do not have to trust only their intuition: while selecting vehicles that are supposed to be stopped, they rely on certain data obtained from smart tachographs.

DSRC – a constantly developing technology

Currently, with the use of DSRC technology, cumulative information from a vehicle passing by can be downloaded in less than a second. 19 RTM parameters provided by smart tachographs give a swift hint whether a given truck is suspicious and has been potentially tampered with. In such a case, the vehicle is stopped for inspection, as part of which full tachograph data is downloaded in order to confirm or rule out tampering.

In just several months, the process of remote data download will also change. Since August this year, 6 new RTM parameters concerning driving time will be added – new tachographs, in addition to errors that indicate the occurrence of tampering, will also send information such as whether the driver currently does not exceed continuous, daily, weekly or fortnightly driving time. Thereby, quick pre-selection will be of use not only to detect tampering, but also to swiftly recognize trucks whose drivers have been driving for too long. With DSRC technology, the road authorities will gain access not only 19, but to 25 parameters. This means an increase in the detection not only of tachograph tampering, but also of tired and therefore potentially dangerous drivers; as a consequence, fewer carriers will decide to violate the provisions, and the drivers themselves will start to avoid driving for too long. This in turn may directly affect the increase of the road safety.

19 August 2024 – obligatory date for the authorities

Remote reading of RTM parameters from tachographs with DSRC technology will become a common practice soon, all due to the obligatory tachographs replacement and the upcoming date – 19 August 2024 – by which all the inspection authorities must be equipped with devices that will enable them to remotely download the RTM parameters via DSRC.

The example of Inelo proves that the inspection authorities do not want to wait any longer, and are already willing to equip themselves with DSRC technology. At the moment, authorities across 12 European countries have been equipped with 47 Tachoscan Control DSRC modules provided by Inelo.

Tachoscan Control DSRC module

Tachoscan Control DSRC is a module available for the Tachoscan Control software, which is used by 45 inspection authorities in 25 countries. Tachoscan Control is dedicated software for all control authorities charged with controlling drivers’ working time, both on the road and at the enterprise. The software allows to quickly and precisely analyze the data from the driver’s card, tachograph charts and memory, according to the current legal regulations.

The extension of the software with Tachoscan Control DSRC module ensures a comprehensive tool that meets all necessary requirements of the European Commission, such as reading, analyzing and visualizing all 19 RTM parameters set forth in the Council Regulation (EU) 2016/799 Annex 1C made available by smart tachographs.


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