”Mobility Package 1: Where do we stand?” – was the title of an event held by IRU which took place on 2 February in a hybrid format. The Inelo participants were: Piotr Żółty, Małgorzata Pander and Małgorzata Gandor-Trzensisko; the remaining participants represented the European Commission, control authorities (including Polish General Inspectorate of Road Transport inspectors), manufacturers of software and tachographs, as well as representatives of associations of both transport companies and drivers.

The objective of the workshop was to take stock of the progress made since February 2022, when Mobility Package 1 came into force. Speakers at the event were representatives of TRACE 2 thematic groups in four key areas of Mobility Package 1:

  • changes in the legislation regarding the driving time and rest periods
  • posting of drivers,
  • cabotage and “cooling off” rules,
  • trucks return to base.

Participants of the event emphasized the importance of cooperation between countries, especially related to driver posting controls – which are gradually beginning to intensify – for the proper implementation of the Mobility Package 1 and adherence to it. Currently, the Danes are the leaders in respect of the minimum wages’ controls, even though the clients report to us an increasing number of controls from Germany, Austria, France and Norway.

Let’s bear in mind that infringements regarding cabotages have been classified as very serious infringements, obviously implying heavier penalties.

Member states and international organizations work to systematically harmonize the EU countries’ legislation, to allow for fair and efficient market operation of both entrepreneurs and the enforcement authorities.