Pursuant to the new legislation of the European Commission (Annex 1C), the transport market will be subject to new changes – this time, they concern G2V2 tachographs and driver cards.

Changes prepared by the EU are intended to increase the effectiveness of traffic inspections, driver posting controls and foreign remuneration, as well as to prevent device tampering.

At Inelo, we have taken the appropriate measures to ensure that our devices and software are fully adjusted to read and analyze data from the new driver cards and tachographs.

Device update is planned at the latest by the end of August, while new software versions – at the latest by the middle of September. These activities will allow users to continue seamlessly reading and analyzing data from G2V2 tachographs and driver cards.

Please note that, due to the changes introduced, failure to update the devices and software will make it impossible to read and analyze tachograph data.

Reading will still be possible for new driver cards, however, it will be impossible to analyze the new data, such as automatically recorded border crossings and loading and unloading information entered.

We consistently adjust our products and services to the changing legislation of the European Union. Our goal is to ensure full compliance and uninterrupted functionality of our solutions, allowing our users to focus on their business without unnecessary trouble.

You can find the tachograph replacement schedule here:, while the most important changes
applicable to tachographs can be found here: .