Inelo experts Małgorzata Pander and Mateusz Wloch trained Transport Malta inspectors who use TachoScan Control to control working time and potential tampering and to verify whether the proper tachographs are installed in truck cabins.

The training in Malta took place on 11–12 April this year and was attended by 10 Transport Malta inspectors. This was not our debut, as we have been working with Transport Malta’s road transport inspectorate for 8 years now and the first training on the TachoScan Control program and the TachoReader Combo tachograph and driver card data downloading device took place in 2016 in Krakow, when we trained the inspectors and conducted roadside inspections in cooperation with the Road Transport Inspectorate. This time we were the ones invited to Malta, where we trained another group of inspectors who would be in charge of inspecting trucks, not only in the technical aspect, but also in terms of driver’s working time, tampering and whether the tachograph type is correct.

Driving Without a Tachograph

Interestingly, due to the fact that Malta is an island, the main entry points for trucks are harbors, therefore the inspectorate conducts inspections in their vicinity. In addition, due to the small size of the island, trucks in Malta do not have to be equipped with tachographs, as long as they remain in the country – for international transport they are subject to the same rules as others.

Regulatory Updates: Important Changes in Transportation

During the training, we discussed with the participants the regulations and the changes being introduced to them that affect data analysis in TachoScan Control, as well as the possibility of implementing them in our program. An important topic, due to the upcoming deadlines, were the new G2V2 smart tachographs, which have been appearing in new trucks since August 2023, with more to come from January 2025. At the very end, we presented the current trainees with the latest technologies and solutions for inspection authorities in our portfolio.

We are extremely pleased with our long-term cooperation and the trust we have been vested as an expert in tachograph data analysis and solutions for inspection authorities.