According to CORTE, the EU Commission for Road Transport agreed transportation companies can purchase new vehicles equipped with G2V1 tachographs registered not later than 31.12.2023, however they need to replace the installed tachographs with G2V2 ones not later than by 18.08.2025.

We’d like to remind you that since 21 August 2023, newly registered vehicles need to be equipped with version 2 smart tachographs (G2V2). However, due to the signals coming from the market that there is a shortage of tachographs in the new trucks, which makes it impossible to register them, many states decided to implement temporary solutions meant to relax the approach in the enforcement of regulations regarding vehicles that should be equipped with G2V2 tachographs. Unfortunately, the measures undertaken by various states differ in scope and time of applicability.

When to replace the G2V1 tachographs in vehicles purchased by the end of 2023?

Due to the emerging chaos, the European Commission, with the support of the members of the Road Transport Committee, took measures leading to the harmonization of the law enforcement practices by providing guidelines for the enforcement authorities and calls the states to:

  • relax the administrative sanctions (tolerance in the regulation enforcement) regarding the vehicles, both domestic and international, registered after 21 August, which should be equipped with G2V2 tachographs;
  • refrain from sanctioning carriers and have higher levels of tolerance until 31 December 2023;

At the same time, it was underscored that the replacement of G2V1 tachographs in the vehicles purchased by 31.12.2023 with G2V2 tachographs needs to take place no later than 18.08.2025.