The European Commission has issued important recommendations regarding the upcoming mandatory date of tachograph replacement in vehicles used for transport in the territory of other member states.

The European Commission issues an official document reminding about tachograph replacement deadlines:

  • by 31 December 2024 in the case of vehicles equipped with analogue or first-generation tachographs (from before June 2019);
  • by 18 August 2025 in the case of vehicles equipped with first-generation smart tachographs (installed between June 2019 and August 2023).

The document indicates that tachograph replacement can be combined with a tachograph calibration workshop visit, which is mandatory at least every two years. The Commission encourages member states to intensify informational activities, as well as provide more extensive support for workshops and entrepreneurs to avoid transport blockage in 2025. It has been underscored that the latest tachographs are widely available and postponing replacement until the last moment may result in not being able to find an available time slot at tachograph workshops.

The full text of the notice can be found here>>> (original text in English)

Consequences of failure to replace tachographs

Failure to replace tachographs will prevent further provision of road transport services and failing to comply with this obligation will result in imposing a PLN 10,000 fine for the transport company and a PLN 2,000 fine for the person in charge of transport.

Who must replace their tachograph?

Tachographs must be replaced in vehicles used for international road transport (which involves crossing the borders of other EU countries) pursuant to the schedule provided above. Tachograph replacement is not necessary only if the vehicle is used for domestic or international transport without crossing the borders of other member states (e.g. Poland – Ukraine).